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If you have hung around the employees of MWFS for any length of time, you may hear a recurring phrase being spoken – “It’s not about us.”


This truly depicts our philosophy, not only about business, but life.  We constantly strive to make our work environment and our service to our clients, “not about us”, but about them.  How can we provide a value-added benefit to our clients? How can we solve conflicts, or pain points for them?  How can we become more of a full-service provider in areas of Barrier Management?


Carrying this philosophy over to our everyday lives, MWFS has truly tried to live outside our work world and touch the lives of others around us.














One Egg is a program that has been developed with the goal of feeding one egg to every preschool child in Masatepe, Nicaragua (currently roughly 800 kids).  This addresses the malnutrition issue and studies have shown that animal proteins at that age are critical to the brain development of the child. This project is in need of funding! Your donations will help nourish Masatepe’s little ones. Learn more about this project and how to get involved at

30 Hearts


Recently, one of the owners had a chance to travel to Ethiopia to explore a project called 30 Hearts. As a result, MWFS has chosen to partner with 30 Hearts to help fund 1 of 6 orphanages that house 30 orphans and 5 mothers.  After a 5 year process, the mother’s will each adopt the five children, move out of the orphanage and into the surrounding neighborhood, providing the opportunity for another mom to move in and adopt another 5 children – duplicating the process every 5 years. If you would like to know more about 30 Hearts and how they are changing the world, please click here.



Read all about it at Don Beto, a local artisan, makes and sells his burlap shoes, bags, purses and totes through Beto’s Coffee Company. Selling these goods provides a positive, stable income for him and his family, as well as, the rest of the employees at Beto’s Bistro. His shop and Cafe is located in Masatepe, Nicaragua, but they have expanded to sell the products in the United States as well! If you are interested in partnering with them by selling products in your store, boutique, church, or cafe, they would love to hear from you! Visit



Once a month we volunteer and cook a meal for those less fortunate at Five Loaves Food Pantry.  Five Loaves offers food distribution, weekly hot meals, and provides an excellent opportunity for volunteers to live outside themselves.  For info on volunteering or donations, visit


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